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Our Clients

Allstar Engineering have successfully placed thousands of qualified and skilled people across all industries, from technical contract personnel to headhunting senior executives.

Once we know your requirements. Our specialised recruitment team work closely together to ensure that timing, budgets, work environment, skills and safety are clearly understood.

Access to Workforce Personnel

Our Allstar exclusive database has been developed by ourselves over many years and includes over 50,000 resumes of qualified candidates and is constantly updated.

This enables us to quickly find you the people you need and because it is our personal database we know the quality is there.

Our Allstar database is one of the great tools we have enabling our agency to be streets ahead of the rest in this candidate short market.

We also advertise on prime time television attracting people who are not actively scouring job boards. This, along with word of mouth, our excellent reputation and respect in the industry attracts skilled candidates to use Allstar Engineering & Technical to represent them.

Allstar Recruitment Consultants

Allstar Engineering has a team of experienced recruiters who focus on specific disciplines to ensure that candidates are right for your needs. Our recruiters are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Resourceful
  • Well-connected

Allstar consultants are experienced in offering information on skills availability, market information and in helping to advise on the right methodology for recruitment. We aim for the highest standards and apply a maxim of best practice to all our operations.

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